Friday, June 15, 2012

Lawyers playing softball

When Will and I were in law school, softball ruled.

Some of the UVa law school softball players.  Can you pick out the male model?

Or at least it did for one of us.  The other one of us (me!) was happy cheering from the sidelines.  In fact, on our third (I think?) date, Will asked me to come see him play in one of their final games and the stud hit a home run no less (accompanied by some pretty stellar fielding moves if I recall correctly).  His friends got a big kick out of chiding him for showing off for me and I assumed such playing was par for the course.

So, when Will’s law firm decided to revive an old summertime tradition of a firm-wide softball game, there was no way the kids and I were going to miss seeing Daddy in action.

Frances had everyone’s outfits picked out days in advance. 

George had a last minute costume change (swapping the Toy Story baseball hat for the Atlanta Braves batting helmet - well played, son), but otherwise everything was just as my little planner had envisioned.

Will did great—no home runs this time, but he did make it on base (three times, I think) and his team creamed the other side 18-3.  And how can you ignore those great UVa colors:


The entire group.  No surprise, Will is still the tallest 

The game lasted only an hour (bless them, those lovely players, for being so quick) and then came the best part …

 …running (and running and running) the bases.  I have no idea how many times (and how many miles) those kids ran, but it lasted a good 45 minutes and left them happy and exhausted.

And that’s a WIN in my book.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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