Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eight years and counting

Eight years ago today, I was swept off my feet

And he still gives me those stomach-churning butterflies

No one can make me laugh as hard as Will

And I like to think I add a little humor to our lives, too

If you know Will or have read my blog posts about him, you'll know it doesn't get much better than my husband--kind, thoughtful, selfless, hardworking, sweet and generous to a fault.  As a founding member of the "I married someone better than me" club, I can say with great confidence that I married up those eight years ago.  And as if to prove my point, Frances, George and I are abandoning Will today for six days of R&R in Florida with my three best friends from high school.  If I recall correctly, I think we've also left Will two years in a row on his birthday, so I hope he's not starting to take offense.

Happy Anniversary, Will!  Thank you for our life (blessed), our children (blessings), for letting me be who I am (complex), and for loving me anyway (completely).

See everyone after our Florida adventure.  It's our first bambino plane ride, first time with my friends' children (8 total, I think), and my first long vacation with kids and without Will--if nothing else, I'll return with lots to share!

Can't wait to see you girls!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Love these great photos from your wedding!

  2. I remember that happy day - I can even see myself in the background of your departure photo! Congrats on many happy years together...

    1. You and Thomas were such champs to come all that way for us - and definitely made the most of the dance floor! And thanks so much for the heads up on the rental car/car seat issue. I ended up taking the kids' carseats, which worked out great. But I'll keep looking for discounts next time we fly (which looks like might be Disney World next summer!). Take care and see you guys soon!