Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our week

I broke down and bought a slip n’ slide (Disney Princess style, of course). 

The test run was in the buff, but the kids have since learned the art of patience enough to get in their suits before turning it on.  After three uses (and probably to no one’s surprise), it broke.  But at $10 on clearance, I still consider it a win – they can still use it just by spraying the hose on the landing strip, which results in happy, tired and wet kids.  Exactly as summer was meant to be spent.  Genius invention, those contraptions.


I recently finished this book and it was wonderful.

Great writing, interesting characters and a fascinating story.  I highly recommend it.  I plan to read “The Art of Fielding” next after a thumbs-up review from my reading superior, Sara, and I’m so excited to start.  I’m in the middle of the latest “must-read” potboiler that came highly recommended from a handful of others and I’m looking forward to it ending.  I tried it; I really did; but these Hunger Games/Gone Girl/Twighlight-type books just drive me nutso.


Frances’s new flip-flips, courtesy of Grandma.

If there is a sparkly flip-flop out there, Frances will find it.


Carissa came over last weekend for a play date at our neighborhood pool.

It had been far too long (the girls’ dance recital) since these three had played together and I don’t know who was more excited, George or Frances.  Frances and Carissa could swim circles around my little sinking rock, but George just basked in the idea that Carissa was there … in the pool … and staying for lunch.  A dream date.


We have an Olympian in our neighborhood and I am embarrassingly giddy about it:

Shannon Taylor, USA Field Hockey team standout, is a 2004 graduate of our local high school.  I just may have stalked this house (her parents’) several times trying to get the perfect picture of their decorated lawn.  I’m hoping they understand, or at least forgive, my obsession.


We are off to the River this weekend!

It’s our first and only trip this summer, but we are all excited to spend a scenic, relaxing two days on the Cowpasture.  The kids can’t wait to swim and play with their cousins and their mother can’t wait to have some of Daddy’s homemade margaritas. 

Cheers to a great weekend for everyone!

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