Sunday, August 12, 2012

Workin' for the weekend

Or, more accurately, working during the weekend.

Will’s workload has picked up (again!), so he’s been at the office most of the weekend.  And as most attorneys (or spouses of attorneys) will understand, when billable hours increase it is the ultimate Catch 22—they need to maintain their hours, their clients' happiness, and their good reputations, but a seven-day workweek is mentally draining on both the attorney and those he or she left behind.  But those of us in the latter group can’t complain; Will definitely has it harder than Frances, George and me who just came back from a morning swimming and snacking at our neighborhood pool.

Will was able to set aside time yesterday to spend the morning with the kids and from the looks of the pictures, I think they had fun:

Dr. Homiller:

Assisting his patient:

In full recovery after receiving top-notch medical care, the pair visited Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond:

Two important notes about this picture: 1) George's father dressed him that morning; and 2) why do my kids look like they are ready for middle school?  They are growing TOO FAST.

And what was I doing during all of this fun?  Having my own field trip at Target where I found two new duvet covers and shams for under $30 (!!):

Our bedroom

Guest bedroom (I've been on a yellow kick recently)

Nothing new here, I just love this little corner of the guest room.

I’m still digesting the guest bedroom duvet color, but I like it more every time I look at it. 

I move at a snail’s pace when it comes to home decorating—I get nervous about spending money on something that I might not like, so I just settle for what’s already in place, and then I get really annoyed that I’m such a frugal nutjob and didn’t just spend the extra $20 for what would really have worked well … mental gymnastics at its worst.  I’ve often dreamed of having a home decorator/organizer/simplifier come through the house room by room with recommendations on how to better our space.  I know there are endless ways to better organize, declutter and (most definitely) redecorate our little home; I just lack the creative ability to see past what has been working for eight years and rearrange furniture, redo the color scheme or just adjust the art work.  And now I’m beginning to see where we can spend some of those extra billable hours that Will is working so hard to collect.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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