Monday, August 6, 2012

She doesn't get that from me

Frances, my fearless four-year-old, went off the rope swing at the River this weekend.

I was so proud of her I almost burst.  These pictures don’t do it justice—that swing is HIGH, particularly when the swingee is under four feet tall.  But without a second thought, she got in line with the other kids, gripped her tiny hands around the thick rope, and propelled herself out in the middle of the river where her equally proud father was waiting to lead her back to the dock.  She then repeated said movements at least a dozen times before it was time to dry off for dinner.

George and I were safely and happily observing all of this from the sidelines.

Although I shouldn’t sell him short just yet.  He very well may be equally as brave as his sister in two years’ time; but my boy does know his swimming limits and quickly discovered that hauling (and even better—throwing!) rocks in the river can be just as much fun.

As if you can’t tell from the pictures, both kids were in heaven this weekend at the River.  My brother Johnny and his family visited, too, which meant instant cousin love and attention.

George, Frances and Andy

As always, the visit was much too short.

The whole gang (in two pictures, of course)!

But until we can visit again, I’ll be dreaming of my favorite view:

And no doubt, Frances will be dreaming about this:

(Video courtesy of Aunt Katrina!)

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Lucy! I'm playing comment catch-up here, so this may lack focus.

    First and foremost, I hope your knee is better and you're getting back to normal. There's really not a whole lot that's more annoying than feeling off-kilter like that.

    Second, I've loved every single picture and sentence you've written about your trip. I'm still totally jealous but still pretending like I was along for the ride. Is that weird?

    Also, please let your mother know that she is most certainly welcome to watch my children while Jamison and I do a little globe-trotting ourselves. I was tired just reading about all that she accomplished while she was at your house. (Did she secretly hire a babysitter to get all of that stuff done? I'm hoping so, as my confidence in my abilities as both a mother and a homeowner are dwindling if she did it without assistance of some sort...I feel really on top of things if I can manage to stay on top of the laundry, exhaust my children in some kind of outdoor play, and fix a simple dinner in the evening.)

    And George and Frances are getting cuter by the minute, if that's possible. I loved the video of your brave girl on the rope swing! She and Will would get along just fine in that arena, and Laura and George could cheer them on from a safe, dry place on the bank. (I'm with the younger ones on the latter. Will and his fearlessness gives me heart palpitations.)

    Hope you guys have a good week!


    1. Sara! In all fairness, my mother did have the help of our incredible neighbors (and adopted third grandparents). But, let's not forget I ALSO have their help on a near daily basis and still can't compete with my mother's mad skillz. I just keep reminding myself that after four kids, she is a pro (and she also took about a two-day nap after her 10-day stint with the kids...that makes me feel a little bit better!).

      We simply MUST get all four of our kids together in the near future ... and selfishly that means I would get to see you guys, too; so I'm all for that. I'm so glad you're reading about the Spain trip (it wasn't too much then? I was worried it was dull, dull, and more dull). There are about a million more stories to tell, but I'll save those for another day/month/year. Will is working on one of his famous videos, too, but his actual paying work is picking up (again!) and he predicts he'll be through with the video around year 2014. I would predict the same.

      Take care, girly!!

  2. Wow! Go Frances! I can't believe she's a good enough swimmer at age 4 to do that too - amazing. Hopefully she can give Virginia few swim lessons when we see you guys soon.

    1. Leslie - Frances would LOVE to swim with Virginia. I don't know if the pool could contain so much cuteness though - your little one is a peach! I can't wait to see you guys soon!