Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Find the River

Frances, George and I are off to the river tomorrow (followed by Daddy come Friday) to spend the next five days.  We return midweek next week and leave for the beach that next Saturday for a week.  Oh what a hard life we lead, yes?

But as I’ve heard other parents say (in various renditions of the preceding), vacations with youngins’ are much more of a relocation than a relaxation – and I have to agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment.

However, if there is a place where I can feel relaxed even with my rugrats on their worst behavior (who Frances and George?), it is the river. 

Lynchburg Camp Cowpasture is a camp that was started by Frank’s grandfather and some of his friends many, many years ago on one of the most beautiful banks of the Cowpasture River in Bath County, Virginia.  And while it has modernized somewhat since those first days of camping out in tents, outhouses, and the “no females allowed” policy, it is still very rustic by most accounts and lazily yet adamantly relaxes your soul as soon as you pull up the gravel drive and park your car next to clothes lines weighed down by wet bathing suits and inner tubes.

I have been going to Cowpasture (or just “the river” as we all call it) since my parents met when I was five years old; forever in my memory.  Our small family has been going since Frances and George were tiny and I am so thankful that they will have the same memories of our tranquil mountain getaway when they are my age – peace, nature, quiet, millions of tiny stars in the night sky, tree frogs sounding in the night, and an appreciation for modern amenities when you arrive back home.

The river has it all, from incredible natural beauty:

To a slower pace of life: 

I’ve been there as a young mother:

And expecting #2:

And now both children have had a taste of this wonderful place:

I’m very excited to get back to the river now that Frances and George are becoming better swimmers.  Of course, as you may imagine the water can be slightly cold even in August (read: holy cow it is absolutely freezing); but that never stops us from having a great time.  Particularly when Nana and Pop are around!

Have a great week everyone…see you in a few days!

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