Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back...for a bit

We’re back from our adventures on the river and had a great time.  I should confess that we’ve actually been back since Sunday evening—our visit was cut short by some flash flooding on the Cowpasture (making it not swimmable) and a bum knee tweak (by yours truly).  But I’ve been using this past day and a half away from the computer to catch up on laundry and do some early packing/organizing for our beach week trip this weekend (WOOHOO!!!).

I want to write about our river weekend as soon as possible, but I have to first wish my wonderful Will a (belated) wedding anniversary!  Seven years ago Sunday (August 14th) I married my best friend on the planet. 

I think it’s safe to say that neither one of us knew what we were getting into that day, but we have both really lucked out in the soul mate department.  I love Will more today on this random Tuesday afternoon than I did when I walked down the aisle seven years ago, linked to my father’s arm and watching him shamelessly tear up—and that is saying a lot.  I have no secret in making that happen or any advice to the next generation of newlyweds.  I only know that Will and I still make each other laugh, have immense respect for each other’s skills, goals, dreams and personal time, and never finish a conversation or an email without an “I LOVE YOU!”  (Yep, the all CAPS and exclamation point are essential).  Other than that, I have to guess that someone (maybe more than one person) was looking out for me the day I met Will and whispered in my ear, “He’s a good one honey; don’t let him get away!”

I couldn’t agree more!

So, how did we spend our anniversary this year?  We drove home from the river and stopped in Charlottesville for lunch with the kiddos.  And while that may not sound very romantic, running around the law school where Will and I first met with our two little future UVa-ers (maybe?) was incredibly wonderful and nostalgic.  I left there with a sense of gratitude to the school not only for giving me a great education but an idyllic future.


Happy Tuesday everyone!  For my next post I promise lots of river pictures.

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