Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A (river) picture is worth a thousand words

Our long weekend on the river was wonderful—exhausting, exhilarating and everything in between.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked because of the aforementioned knee tweak (slippery river rocks and a mending knee do not mix well and may land one in the local county’s ER at 4am with an incredibly forgiving spouse at one’s side…hypothetically speaking of course), which left me hobbling around for the last full day we had together.  Thank goodness Will had already arrived at that point and I could spend the day reading (and finishing!) my book.  Secretly it was wonderful, but please don’t tell the rest of my family who helped Will entertain Frances and George all day Saturday.

I am most disappointed that I didn’t get any pictures of the kiddos swimming, which they both loved.  The water was predictably frigid, but the days were sunny and fairly warm—as long as you kept moving around your brain could convince your body that the river was merely “refreshing.”  But I did manage to get some great shots of other typically river activities, including

Our walk through the cow pasture:

Painting river rocks:

Playing with cousin Andy and the noodles:

Walking across the swinging bridge to throw rocks (and as an aside, I think I have typed the word “rocks” in this one post more than I have in my entire life…I am beginning to understand my knee issues):

Playing with Nana (and her sunglasses):

And Frances’s first canoe ride (thank you, cousin Ellie!):

I love these pictures.  They help remind me how tiny Frances still is - whew!

George took first prize for “Best River Hair”:

But Frances was a close second with her curlier-than-normal ‘do:

Saturday night brought rain and flash flooding, so we packed up Sunday and headed home.  It was wonderful to see my brother Johnny and his family and I hope our trips to the river will become an informal annual tradition (so far we are three-years running). 

I'm not sure Pop got the "silly face" memo in the second picture.

And maybe next year, I will get even more pictures of Will at the river.  I promise he was there—even if half the time he was still sporting his work clothes:

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Lucy,

    I haven't commented in a blue moon, so I have some catching up to do!

    First, a big happy anniversary to you and Will! And I also wanted you to know that you look so pretty in the picture that you're wearing the green(ish) dress. (Not that you don't always look pretty, but you know what I mean, right?) I know that may be somewhat shallow of me but I couldn't help but notice.

    I am totally envious of your trips of late, starting with Puerto Rico and ending with your upcoming beach adventure. Our vacation season has come to a sad close with school starting for Will in a few weeks.

    Moving on, George's river hair is hilarious. What is it with boys' hair in the morning? It's like it takes on a life of its own or something. And if it makes you feel even better, my first thought on seeing Frances in the canoe was how teeny she looked!

    Going back a few more posts, I'm sorry for the loss of your sweet furry little friend down the street. I've thought of you guys, and of your neighbors, often since I read what you wrote.

    And finally (I know, you're probably just wanting me to end this already!), I hope your knee is feeling better. I would imagine that keeping up with two active little ones is pretty tough with this little wrinkle thrown in...

    Have fun at the beach! Take lots of pictures and get lots of rest!