Saturday, August 27, 2011

Neither Great Dismal Swamp fire nor earthquake nor hurricane…

…could dampen our beach vacation.  Well, not completely true—we did have to depart a day early under a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Irene.  In fact, as I write this note our lights are flickering and I have little confidence our power will stay functioning long enough for me to do a full post of our trip.  So, I will leave you with some picture highlights and a promise to write more about our trip once Mother Nature has passed us by.

Flying kites

Lots of walks on the beach

We had an early start our first morning (not even enough time to change out of our PJs)

And it is safe to say that Frances LOVED the water.  The bigger the wave, the better.

Incredible sunrises

Our view

Special visitors

And special visits (to the Aquarium)

Morning coffee...

...evening beer...

...and everything in between.

Stay safe everyone!  And see you after the storm.

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