Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

We celebrated Will’s mother’s birthday last night with a dinner at Charlie and Becca’s house.

Frances thought her Flamenco dress was the most appropriate attire to fully celebrate such a special occasion.

George was thrilled to pieces just to be there.

There was ice cream

Baby Justin

And, of course, cake

George wanted to give Grandma his own birthday wishes

And then, the big boys

Grandpa and Justin catching up on their respective internet shopping/daycare adventures

The reigning champion of gift-giving, my husband, created a book for his mother’s birthday present this year.  The original version of Medicine for Margery, one of Barbara’s favorite childhood books, had exactly one illustration to accompany its long story.  So, after years of watching Barbara read it to Frances and George while all three stared at that same picture, Will realized he knew a couple of character actors that could fill in the storyline with some serious pizzazz.

[Scroll down in the book for the rest of the story]

Medicine for Margery

Isn’t that adorable?  And I love the story; charmingly antiquated, but with the same universal message that all parents struggle with—look kid, if you don't eat your vegetables, I'm going to have to bring in the doctor.  And you're really not going to like that.

Happy Sunday, everyone and a special happy birthday to Grandma!

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