Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you haven’t heard (or haven’t been glued to your local weather station for the past 48 hours like me), we have a major hurricane heading in our direction from the south, a cold front headed our way from the west, and both are forecast to collide somewhere overhead of our small Dutch Colonial.  It’s still up in the air how destructive the system will be, but as you may imagine I’m not one to take uncertainty well so I’ve been pacing back and forth in the house and sending Will on various “emergency supplies” errands once an hour.  Fingers crossed the weather folks are exaggerating, but being that there is a good chance we will lose power I thought I would write a quick post before I hunker down and bug Will for some more bottled water and ice.

In our final “calm before the storm” family outing today, the kids participated in the Marathon Jr., a race designed for kids that is associated with the Richmond Marathon (in two weeks) but with a much shorter course.  We signed both kids up (although we had to fudge George’s age so he could participate.  Children technically have to be 4-years-old; but considering my 3-year-old wears 5T clothing, I knew we’d be safe) and headed out to Byrd Park.  Will ran with them so I could take pictures.

It all started so well.

But halfway through George panicked because he realized he wasn’t winning the race (not by a long shot, kid), so Will had to drag him through the final laps.

Frances, as usual, was all smiles.

Nutzy gave George a much-needed pat on the head for a race well run.

My favorite part of the day was our walk back to the car through Byrd Park.  The leaves are prettier this year than I ever remember.

After lunch, George crashed for a three-hour nap while Frances and Daddy attended a Halloween birthday party.

Same party, same costumes from 2009.

I know, it’s killing me, too.  Where did my baby girl go?

And with that I am signing off for the foreseeable future.  I hope to be back sooner rather than later, but until then happy weekend and stay dry and safe!

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