Monday, October 15, 2012

Wahoos in Lynchburg

Blech.  That about sums up my mood and physicality today.  Or maybe “eh” or "ugh."  Either way, it’s a dreary, rainy Monday and I could not feel less motivated to do anything.  I’m using the pesky holdout wasp trapped inside of our mudroom as an excuse to leave the laundry as is and to wait on dinner prep.  I haven’t even eaten a proper lunch unless George’s leftover cheese quesadilla from Saturday counts (and I hope it doesn’t because I plan on drowning my sorrows in food later on with the hopes that I can call that lunch).  So far, I have managed to play around on my new iPhone (thank you, Will!) for 90 minutes straight resulting in even less understanding of its workings than when I had started.  I’ll chalk it up to Monday or to allergies because neither reason can argue back with me and move on.

The view out of my window - gray, gray, gray.

In fact, a day like today makes me realize another reason why I love to blog – reliving those great days on a not-so-great day.  And this past weekend was full of those great days.

Thomas, Leslie and Virginia

Thomas Harvey, his wife Leslie, and their adorable little girl Virginia all met us in Lynchburg (of all places) for a short UVa Law reunion.  Thomas and I were in the same small section at UVa our first year and Leslie joined us a year later after she finished her undergraduate degree at Yale (where Thomas also studied.  Smarty pants, I tell you).  To stay close to his bride while she finished her last year in law school, Thomas took a clerkship with a federal judge in Lynchburg after graduation.  This past weekend, many of the judge’s former clerks convened in Lynchburg for an informal get-together.  And the Homillers were pleased as punch to crash some of their partying.

The weather could not have been more perfect—sunny, breezy, cool, with a hint of fall colors appearing on nearly every tree in the area.  The Harveys live in San Francisco so I was thrilled that good ol’ Virginia rolled out one of the nicest weekends we’ve had this fall just for them.

Virginia, Frances and George got along perfectly, but I wasn’t surprised at all considering how well their parents get along.

The Harvey wedding (May 2004)

San Francisco (May 2007).  Fat Face was preggers with Frances in this picture (as if it isn't obvious).
The next generation of friendship in the making.

We started in the park, moved on to lunch, and then the big girls ended the day with a trip to the local children’s museum while George headed back for his nap.

Playing hide-and-seek in the park.  Thomas was a good sport.

The music studio at the children's museum.  Frances was in heaven.

As it always is, the visit was much too short.  But we said goodbye with promises that the next visit needs to be on the west coast without F&G.  Or at least I promised that—I’m not sure if Will heard me.  But hey, a promise is a promise, right?

And of course, no visit to Lynchburg is complete without some Nana and Pop time, which also included a date night for Will and me (thank you!!).

So, with that recap I think I can finally feel the early twinges of inspiration to use this rainy day to my advantage, wasp or no wasp.  All I have to do is stay away from this guy.

He is our own in-house black hole for lazy afternoons.  Once you sit next to him and start petting, you’ll never break away.

Happy Monday, everyone!  And thanks again Harveys for a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Love this post! We had a blast with you guys. Virginia cried and cried as we left yesterday because she missed her friends.