Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Field trip, three-year-old style

Today George had his first official field trip as a preschooler (rather than as Frances’s plus one, although those were pretty fun, too) and the class traveled to Maymont, one of George’s favorite places in Richmond.  With that set up I knew it was going to be a good day and it was for the most part, except for the all-too-common parking lot meltdown when he realized we’d be leaving Maymont for nap time.  Meltdown included though, I’d still chalk up the day as a win.

The group started at the petting farm where George enjoyed tickling the goats’ ears:

And watching the donkey:

I’ve noticed these last few months that George is completely enthralled by animals, which up until recently I assumed only included Marshall.  But George flocks to anything with a heartbeat—he smiles, giggles, squeals, and wants to touch them.  A lot.  He has no fear regardless of size.  I had to remind him several times not to pet the cow:

The bear, hiding well behind the fence and safe from George:

One of George’s fabulous teachers trying her best to convince the kids to roll down the hill.  George (standing) was not impressed.

It was such a treat to watch George and his friends hangout and bond.

He seemed to genuinely like all of his classmates, but inevitably followed the boys on their mission to acquire weaponry (sticks) and to get as dirty as possible.  He led the way often (George has the stamina of a mushing husky), encouraging his buds to hurry up while singing “Old McDonald” or “Farmer in the Dell” – in all honesty, a very typical morning when I’m with George.  His teachers laughed at him, though.  They mentioned that in class he is completely quiet, speaking only when spoken to, and never sings to himself.  This is now the second time I have heard that my children are all but mute in school.  I remember picking Frances up at school last year and she started telling me about her day on our walk out to the car when one of her teachers walking behind us said, “that’s the most I have ever heard her talk.”  Really??  Because when these adorable munchkins are with me they never. Stop. Talking. Ever. Never.

The day ended with a picnic lunch followed by the aforementioned parking lot tantrum.  Oh, and a three-hour-nap for the littlest marathoner in the house.

He was wiped.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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