Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parades and parties

This past Saturday, Frances’s school participated in a very local (and slightly unorganized, but no less fun) parade in the heart of Midlothian and her Kindergarten class was asked to ride on one of the floats.  Considering both Frances and George go ga-ga over parades, I’m fairly certain the entire day was a big blur of candy collecting, fire trucks, and dancers.  But can you really blame them?

“Princesses” (or what at least one member of this household calls any female wearing a tiara and/or purple)

Lots of sirens

Our own princess (in the pink sweatshirt), so serious about her candy-throwing job she didn’t even glance our way.

George’s favorite – the Shriner cars

My favorite float – the giant tap shoe

Throughout most of the parade (with the limited exception of Shriner racecars when he was completely mute), George kept asking when Santa would be coming.  I brushed him off saying, “No sweetheart, this is a fall parade.  Santa is in the Christmas parade.”

And then, wouldn’t you know it?!  I’m actually quite pleased the Jolly Old Man himself showed up.  I’ve already started reminding the children when they’re behaving less than angelic that Mr. Claus is watching them.

Once Frances’s float passed through the parade, she could join the rest of the crowd, including cousins Trey and Justin.

And if the day had ended right there, it would have probably landed in F&Gs top 10 favorite fall mornings of all time.  But no, no, no, we had to top it off with Frances’s best friend’s 5th birthday party at, where else, the POOL.

Frances and Carissa as close as ever
(especially considering they aren't in the same school anymore.  Boo.)

I know.  My children live in an alternate reality of non-stop fun, don’t they?


Crowning the birthday girl


Pink pirate decorations

What else could a five-year-old girl want in life?

Or a thirty-five-year-old girl, for that matter.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  And a happy, happy birthday to Carissa from all of us!

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