Monday, August 19, 2013

This and that

It's been rainy and unseasonably chilly here recently, but we did manage to squeeze in some outside time Saturday morning down by the James River.

This is one of the kids' favorite things to do with their father when I'm at one of my marathon yoga days--hop along the river rocks, look for creatures, and enjoy the sounds of nature.  I was a nervous wreck on the inside (combination rattlesnake memories + roaring river + children), but I tried to keep it all inside and let the kids show me their tricks.

Talk about a humbling morning--they were completely at home here.  And nothing could have made me more proud of them (or more grateful to Will for acclimating them so well to the outdoors).  

My three nature lovers!


Saturday night, Frances was invited to Carissa's house for a sleepover, so Will and I treated George to his first movie sans big sister (and sans sharing the popcorn).

We went to "Planes," the latest Disney movie.  Truthfully, it was lacking a bit in the plot department, but George loved it.

And Will and I loved holding hands for 2 hours : )  Please forgive me for looking so very, very old here.  Wowzer.


The kids' current favorite activity?  Taking off all of their clothes and running around the house.  (Don't worry, Mother, no actual unclothed pictures accompany this post).

One morning after this activity, Frances rigged this fairly creative outfit out of various contents of the dress-up box.

George's outfit was less fashion, more utility.  Typical male.


I came home from Lynchburg last week to find my husband had made this:

Cucumber-mint water.  I think my yoga-speak is starting to rub off on him.  And PS - it is incredibly delicious and refreshing!  Score one for Will.


When he's outside, he wants to come in; and when he's in, he wants to go outside.

Go figure.


And speaking of Marshall, he really has stepped it up in the play department.

This used to be Max's sole domain while Marshall would slink off to the mudroom to be alone.  But I thinks he secretly likes the attention.  Look at that smile!


Riding the Gram-E train - their favorite afternoon activity.

Happy Monday, everyone!  

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