Friday, August 30, 2013

Our annual trip to the River

Last week, we headed to Cowpasture River for a much-too-quick long weekend with Nana and Pop.

George on the iconic swinging bridge that crosses the river.

While we don't intend to go only once a summer, it has turned out that way these past few years (vacations, jobs, trips to Italy (my parents, not us), and life in general tend to get in the way, darn it).  So we make the most of it while we're there.

I will never tire of that view.

It was on the chilly side (thus the hoodies),

But my little fish still managed to swim every day and even went off the rope swing for the second year in a row.

A screenshot of the video, which I can't seem to upload on the blog.

And that would be my third child also enjoying the water.

The kids painted about a million rocks nearly all of which made it back to Richmond as part of Grandma's birthday present (sorry, GM!)

And, probably my favorite part, nap time certainly happened every afternoon.

Tired kids; tired parents.

Tired grandparents.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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