Friday, March 25, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere!

Our family has had a couple of exciting (and adorable) new additions recently!

Will’s brother, Charlie, and his wife, Becca, had the adorable Justin Douglas Homiller in late January.  He was three weeks early and had to stay in the hospital a few days longer than normal, but he hasn’t let that slow him down.  Big brother, Trey, seems to be adjusting to his new role with ease and Frances and George are thrilled to have another cousin in town to play with.
Justin and Uncle Will

Proud big brother, Trey

George liked Justin's feet the best

Frances was a natural

My brother, Henry, and his wife, Kerrin, had their first baby - a beautiful little girl Margaret (“Maggie”) Cathleen Heil born March 7th at 11:15pm, 45 minutes before Henry’s birthday.  She was born about a week early and is just a perfect little lump of love.  Will, Frances and George haven’t met her yet, but Aunt Lucy couldn’t stay away from her newest niece so I rushed over during the last few days of work to sneak in a visit.  I am very excited to have another baby girl in the family!
Maggie and Aunt Lucy

Her onesie says "I'm a McCutie" - yes she is!

All of this infant holding and smooching has given me some serious baby fever, but that is something I tend to catch very easily and happily.  Within the first few moments of holding Frances, I knew I wanted to have more children and I have often been quoted as saying that if money (and sanity) were no object, I would want ten rugrats.  I feel very blessed to have my two jewels and would be perfectly happy to keep our family of four.  But I secretly (or not so secretly) would LOVE to have more. 

I suppose we should see how my time at home goes with two before adding to the craziness.  Right?!?

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  1. Hi Lucy! LOVE the blog! Fun posts and a darling header. You're a total pro already! It's so fun to see pics of your cute family. Your two little ones are adorable. I'm a big fan of curly hair. :) And how sweet of Will to send you flowers after your first few days being home with the kids! I told Kenny and showed him the picture of the flowers and ever so slightly hinted he could step it up in that department. ;) I'm so excited we'll be able to keep in touch with your family!