Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My bookworm

George has had a book in his hand since he was about 10-months-old – he absolutely loves to read.  When Frances was his age, she was much too physically active to sit still long enough for us to read to her.  But George will sit with you for a good forty-five minutes or more and read. 

Sometimes, I will catch him in the “Book Nook” in the kid’s playroom reading to himself.  That is one of my favorite sounds – George babbling away as he’s flipping the pages of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” or his current favorite “Very Big Trucks.”

But my all-time favorite sound these days is to hear Frances read to George.  Now that Frances actually enjoys reading, she’s memorized most of her books and will recite them nearly word-for-word (skipping what I assume are the less interesting parts of the plot) as George faithfully listens in.

Now, if only George would read a book on “How to Take Out Your Aggression Other Than Pulling Your Sister’s Hair” and Frances could find a self-help novella on “Escaping Your Nightmares and Other Foolproof Sleep-through-the-night Tricks,” we’d be home free.

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