Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am feeling a little down today – am I allowed to blame this on the gray, rainy weather?
I absolutely love Frances and George with every cell in my body, but there are some days when I really could use an afternoon (or an evening – the 5 o’clock witching hour) off.  George has been unusually fussy (again!?), Frances has been crying at the drop of a hat and they’ve both been at each other’s throats more than normal.  Even Marshall and Max seem extra needy today.
Will has been working exceedingly long hours for the last several weeks and I think we are all feeling his absence.  Historically, Will and I have shared the children’s bedtime routine.  When I was still working, I would pick up the children from school around 5:45pm, bring them home to play while I fix dinner, and start winding them down for the day.  Will would then get home around 6:15ish to walk Marshall and Max and would be in charge of Frances’s bedtime (something they both cherish and I think is what she is missing most).  Since my time at home, on a good day, Will can still get home about that time and Frances, George and I are all three jumping up and down when we see him – Daddy’s home!!  Unfortunately, this has only been possible the last two Friday evenings.  Otherwise, Will is at the office until 11pm or later, which is hard on everyone, especially Will.
I really shouldn’t complain.  This is after all exactly why I stopped working.  I cannot imagine how difficult these last several weeks would have been if I were still carrying on my fulltime law practice (of course, single parents do it every day and I bow down to all of you – I have no idea how you do it!).
But when I get tired and grumpy, my patience fuse gets shorter by the minute, I feel guilty for snapping at the children for things that I should handle in a more constructive “Parenting Magazine” style, and then I eat more Easter chocolate to numb the guilty feelings.  Note to self:  stop buying Easter candy in the vein attempt to store it until Easter Sunday – you are only kidding yourself.
In order to make-up for my inept parenting today, I have already decided that we are having a movie afternoon (perfectly appropriate for a gloomy day, yes?).  Popcorn, PJ’s and Curious George.  Maybe, just maybe, the three of us will survive until dinner.  I’ll keep you posted.
And just because I can’t post an update without a picture (or two)…

…here are two from the calmest period we had today.  Thank goodness for crayons!   

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  1. I'm writing this a few days late but boy, do I feel you on this one. I try to remember the quote (cliche?) about the days being long and the years being short on our "blah" days. But that doesn't always help and I'm prone to throwing my own tantrums on occasion (with those occasions being more frequent than I'd like to admit).

    It's indescribably hard to be "on duty" from virtually the time you wake up until the hour or so you get until it's your own bedtime. So don't be too hard on yourself. Some days it's just best to operate in Survival Mode.

    On the brighter side of things, there's always tomorrow, always another chance for everyone to make up for their transgressions both large and small, right?

    Hope you all have a good (and work-free, hopefully?) weekend!