Monday, March 21, 2011

A day late

Happy spring everyone!  Frances, George and I picked flowers from our front yard today in honor of the first day of spring, which was…yesterday.  Oh well.  We’re still catching up around here.

Enjoy this incredible weather!

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  1. Lucy!

    I wrote you the world's longest comment yesterday on the post before this one but I wasn't signed in properly I suppose (or something like that?) and it disappeared into thin air. Blah.

    I'll spare you the length and get right to my point (and this has nothing to do with spring or the beautiful flowers you guys picked--Will would be so jealous as he's in a flower-picking frenzy these days despite the fact that he's technically not allowed to pick them). I just wanted to say that I feel you on the sadness of leaving one part of your life behind and moving on to another.

    It's hard to let go of something that was such a big part of you and your life, even if you're leaving for something you really want to do. I remember having the same feeling when I packed up my last box of teacher stuff and stood in my empty classroom five (!?) years ago, being excited about whatever the future held but also being sad at leaving a job I really liked.

    And here we are, two kids later...Crazy!

    You should absolutely be so proud of those diplomas and all that went into them. And you should also absolutely be so proud that you had the courage to make the leap you did.

    I cannot wait until May to see the four of you! We're counting down the days...

    (PS...maybe I didn't really spare you the length?!?)