Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A brief pause

I’ve been on a bit of an extended vacation from blogging since last week, primarily because I haven’t been able to physically sit at my computer for several days.  But before you feel sorry for me, I can’t blame the kiddos or any laborious chore on this dilemma; it was because I had a girls’ weekend with one of my best friends in the entire world—Eileen!

Sara, me and Eileen at Rosie's wedding (2005)

Rebecca, Eileen, Telia, Rosie (the bride), me and Sara

Eileen and I met our junior year in college (over ten years ago now – wow) and clicked immediately.  She is one of those rare friends that when you meet them you instinctively know you will get along with them and spend the rest of your friendship laughing your pants off—that’s my Eileen.  She’s had some incredible adventures since graduation, including a three-year stint in the Peace Corps (stationed in the Philippines), working with refugees in Uganda and South Africa, and now finally she is back on US soil after joining the Foreign Service in Washington, DC.  Sadly (for me, not for her), she will be moving again soon to a post yet to be determined for the next two years—but until then I am determined to see her as much as possible since she is now a less-than-two-hour train ride away!

It was a beautiful October weekend in Washington DC, so Eileen and I walked until our legs nearly fell off.  We saw the new Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial and revisited some old favorites including the FDR and Thomas Jefferson memorials.  After hours of sightseeing, we dragged our tired feet back to her apartment, put our legs up and watched bad TV for the rest of the evening (and I mean really bad—The Prince and Me movie starring Julia Stiles and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Classy.).  It was a perfect visit!

Somehow, Eileen, Sara, Rosie and I need to get back together again for a complete girls’ weekend, but it was an incredible luxury to have nearly 48 hours of adult time and I hope to have more of those weekend escapes—as many as Will will let me!

And speaking of Will, by all accounts Frances, George and Daddy had a rocking weekend without Mommy, including cousin Trey’s birthday party, several trips to the playground and a church picnic complete with a treasure hunt and cupcakes.  In fact I have no pictures from my weekend with Eileen because I left the camera for Will’s use—and I still haven’t been able to sort through the 100+ pictures he took.  But from what I can gather…

…they were well fed:

There was some cake involved:

And presents (for the birthday boy):

Happy third birthday, Trey!

And what’s a birthday without balloons:
Baby Justin and Grandma

A good hair day?:


Everyone under the age of four say CHEESE!:

Frances, Trey and George

When I arrived home, Frances and George were jumping up and down and Will needed a nap.  A long one.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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