Monday, October 24, 2011

Good things come in small packages

Today is my birthday and despite it being on a Monday and having a previous work issue rear its ugly head today (for approximately 5 hours), I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.  My mother came over to help me with Frances and George (along with the great Gram-E – man-to-man defense is the way to go with F&G) so I could attend to the aforementioned work issue and I loved being able to spend time with my mother today.

But is it bad to say that my favorite part of the day was waking up to this?

Yes, I don’t need anything small, sparkling and delicately wrapped in blue and white but I must admit it is awfully nice to receive it.  And I won’t keep you in suspense any longer:

I could not have asked for anything more beautiful!

And to beat the cliche to death, I can’t close this post without a picture (or three) of my other two small packages at the Chesterfield Berry Farm pumpkin patch where we spent most of our Sunday:

Does it get any cuter than a children's barrel train ride driven by a Santa Claus look-alike?

Happy Monday everyone!

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