Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooking 102

I cannot believe I wrote an entire blog post yesterday about my cooking (boring!) and utterly failed to mention my sweet girl’s latest adventure – a cooking class with her Gram-E and Mr. Pyles.

The Pyles generously signed her up for four age-appropriate cooking classes through a program called “Kids in the Kitchen.”  It sounds adorable and I have no idea what goes on and I love that!  I love sharing my children with others and I am so honored that they have many wonderful friends and family in their lives that adore being with them (almost) as much as I do.

Frances and Gram-E before her first class:

They made applesauce that day and France came home tickled pink with her finished product.

Mr. Pyles couldn’t resist coming to the next class and was able to take some pictures of our own Julia Child in the making:

A good chef always tastes her food before serving it, right?

Post-class, pre-lunch trip to Wal-Mart to scope out potential birthday gifts. 
Apparently the unicorn bike helmet is a hint to me.

Two classes remain, one of which is a “Holiday Cookies” edition.  I can only imagine some serious tasting will be going on that Saturday morning.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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