Thursday, October 6, 2011

The coldest, wettest show on earth

In case you missed it (as if I’d let you!), George turned two last week.  In one of his most brilliant fatherly decisions (and there have been many), Will bought him a Mickey Mouse balloon and a "2" balloon on his way home from work, which have been by far George's most treasured gifts to date in his short life.
I will really miss these days of cheap easy birthday presents.  But don’t worry, we did get him an actual present, too – a strider bike – with hopes that he and Frances can cruise the neighborhood in the coming months.

We decided to celebrate George’s birthday at the State Fair of Virginia this year.  Will had taken the kids in years past (I was always working or hugely pregnant or giving birth—you know, minor events—so I had never gone) and it happened to fall on the weekend after George’s Wednesday birthday.  So, the state fair it was!

Sadly, the weather was terrible – cold and rainy.  But our families made an incredible effort to come and have fun and I could not have asked for any more to celebrate George’s number 2.

Cheese!  The birthday boy in his adorable birthday shirt (the truck has a number 2 candle in it)

Checking out the livestock

Waiting in line to milk the cow

Henry, James and Uncle Dave milking the cow

Frances has a viable career path should she choose it.  If you look closely you can see the milk.

Trey, Frances and George loved the corn play area

The rest of us wondered why the heck Trey, Frances and George loved the corn play area.

The “big kids” stayed for an afternoon of food and rides while George, Nana, Pop and I said goodbye.  I have no pictures to prove it, but a little bird told me that the weather cleared up and Frances rode every single ride she could get her little hands on.

And I couldn’t close this post without sharing with everyone what might be the best birthday note of all time written by George’s cousin, Andy:

It says:  Dear George – I love you and miss you.  I hope you have a good time with the truck (his gift), and for a good idea you can put rocks in it and dump it on your sisters (Frances) toe.  Another idea is you can race if Frances has a car or truck to.  Have a good birthday!  Love, Andy  PS – I’m not sure if I spelled “Frances” right : ) 


Not surprisingly, Frances chose option #2; but I know George is waiting with rocks in hand to try choice #1.

And good job with the spelling, Andy!  You have obviously been spared your youngest aunt’s bad spelling gene.  For Frances and George's sake, I hope it is recessive.

Happy Thursday everyone! 


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