Saturday, October 22, 2011

'Tis the season...

…for birthday parties.  In Frances’s school class everyone seems to be turning four this fall; and four is the magic age when the birthday parties begin.  I vaguely remember being warned of this phenomenon by some of my former work colleagues (‘enjoy your weekends now while you still have them’) – good advice.  Frances has no complaints though; if she had her way she would go to a party every day, as long as cake is part of the celebration.
This weekend Frances best friend, Carissa, celebrated her 4th birthday.  It was a perfect, small and calm (not a word typically associated with preschoolers much less at a birthday party) get-together at Carissa’s house:

Opening presents

My little daredevil

The whole gang - Jeremy, Sierra, Carissa, Frances and Maddie

The theme?  Ariel, of course:

Carissa, the birthday girl!  She reluctantly agreed to put on the tiara for these pictures; I’d say it was worth it:

Is this the face of a sick girl?  You would have never known that Carissa had a fever yesterday.

Two peas in a pod:

These girls have been best buds practically since birth – they both started at Goddard as infants within weeks of each other and by all accounts have been attached at the hip since.  According to their teachers, they have their moments of petty bickering; but just like any good sisters, they are back to playing and hugging within minutes.

Quick and easy forgiveness – yet another life lesson from my daughter I am trying to emulate.  That and ‘eat cake on a daily basis.’  That last one I can definitely learn to embrace.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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