Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Memorial Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.  I’ve always thought there was something innately special about Memorial Day weekend.  I try to remember that it’s not just a three-day event to kick off the summer (although the fact that the neighborhood pool is now opened is nothing short of epic in this household), but that it’s a national holiday for a reason and an important one at that.  Both of my grandfathers served in combat; neither of them talked much about their experiences, but I grew up swollen with pride over their accomplishments (and lest we forget the incredible women they left behind to keep the home fires burning.  Can you imagine?).

We had a much-needed relaxing weekend, which included (no surprise) two pool outings, playground romps, a hike through the University of Richmond campus (yes, I said hike; I think all of the hills in the metro area are concentrated on those grounds), and plenty of backyard time.

The only flat part of the University of Richmond campus - the pond.

I couldn't resist these pictures of my sweaty boy sporting his red, white and blue.

Will worked yesterday so it ended up feeling like more of a typical Monday than a holiday, except that wherever Frances, George and I went everyone around us radiated relaxation.  Surrounded by a sea of American flags, I watched entire families play in the pool and on the playground and it made me smile.  I would have rather Will had been with us all day, but I was very thankful to be able to venture out and enjoy the holiday with the kids.  As corny as it sounds, days like yesterday I find myself asking, “How did I get so lucky?”

Reality set in hard this morning when Frances and George were on their second respective temper tantrums and Will blew a kiss to me in the air as he lunged towards his car – “see you tonight!”

Days like today I find myself asking, “How did Will get so lucky?”  Kidding, of course.  Sort of.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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