Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Frances's school is celebrating Teacher Appreciation this week.

This Thursday's thankful gesture is to send a picture of your child to school for each teacher with a little something on the back explaining what makes that teacher special.  The former attorney (I don't even have a paying job anymore, darn it) in me decided that since Frances goes to school a whopping two half-mornings a week (and not even on Thursdays), I probably needed to do a little something extra for that one:

She was more than happy to participate.

And since I am George's primary teacher (although by quantity only - he has many, many other doting grandparents/family/friends who teach him much more than ever I could), I decided to celebrate my own mini-Teacher Appreciation week over here.

George watched an episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog so I could do something ├╝ber productive (which certainly did not include aimlessly browsing Pinterest or reading my favorite blogs):

Will showed his appreciation by letting me go a little crazy at J Jill:

As of today, he has no idea just how much he "appreciated" me.  I plan to keep it that way as long as possible.  (And just in case anyone is wondering what happened to the old Lucy, this is completely out of character for me.  I actually hate shopping for clothes - as my mother often says, it was the one area of 'womanhood' where she failed me.  But what can I say - when I see something I like, I tend to buy at least two of it and I happened to find several things I loved that day.  I may just go back for more before Will sees my LL Bean Visa bill).

Marshall appreciated me by letting me give him some serious extra attention:

A face only a mother could love, but I sure do love it.

Even Mother Nature threw some appreciation my way with her second day in a row of incredibly beautiful weather:

Days like these (post-pollen, pre-summer swelter) I have to open up as many windows as possible.

And on that note, I may just venture outside to the patio and give myself a final dose of appreciation by reading my latest book, Devil in the White City.  (Has anyone else read that?  The jury is still out for me, but it’s gripping to say the least).  Of course, I could really show Will some appreciation by watching the latest Real Housewives episode before he gets home from work.  Like any good husband, he never says a word when I tune the TiVo to this ridiculous show.  Like any average male, he absolutely abhors it.

Real Housewives it is.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Lucy,

    Those pictures of Frances are so sweet! I'm sure her teachers loved getting them. And the picture of George on the couch is also so sweet. It's funny to see little ones in repose when they're usually constantly in motion, isn't it?

    Also, I passed our J.Jill the other day on my twice-yearly mall jaunt (no joke, I hate the mall like nothing else) to find it empty! And although I've probably bought less than five items there (but they're five items I really like!), I was so disappointed. My disappointment was short-lived, though, when I discovered that they're merely moving to another location in the mall. I like your new clothing spoils, though, from what I can see! And I also find it best to not really mention the specifics of my shopping to Jamison. It seems to work out for the best for all of us that way... (I justify the seemingly lofty spending by saying that I only shop a few times a year, whereas Jamison gets his needed work clothes updates as needed many times throughout the year.)

    Lastly, I know the Bruce Jenner keychain ornament post was a while back but I have to say that I am totally impressed with Will's stellar sense of humor. I showed his handiwork to Jamison, who was also duly impressed. I am relatively certain, based on this alone (well, not really, I guess--based on quite a few things, actually), that Will and Jamison would be great friends if only we lived closer. Seriously.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your week!


    1. Oh Sara, I might just cry with the thought of living an actual driving distance away from you. Of course, I guess if that were the case I may never venture to meet anyone else (EVER) because we would be attached at the hip (along with our kids, who I know would also be best buds). Definitely check out JJill when you can ... the "Wherever" (or something like that) brand has the greatest black pants that come in petite. Holla. I think I have at least 5 pair at this point. Someone I am able to justify each one as completely necessary.

  2. Life as a stay at home mom is pretty rough, right? ;) Loved this post Lucy! And your law school reunion re-cap. I also love that picture of your windows! They're so beautiful. Send me a pic of the outside of your house sometime. I'd love to see it! We had SO much fun catching up with you guys. Now you need to plan a trip to the west coast for sure! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Erin! I'm sending some your way this afternoon as soon as I get the munchkins down for nap time : )

  3. Oh and I agree! What were we thinking not getting a picture of our fine dining experience? Guess we'll have to hit Red Robin when you come to visit us - this time with our cameras. :)

  4. Lucy,
    I read Devil in the White City and loved it. Let me know what you think!
    I'm also loving having my windows open right now, but I'm also lysol wiping yellow pollen away every couple of days. I think being on the 3rd floor puts me right at pollen level with the trees!!

    1. I'll definitely let you know about the book. According to my kindle, I'm 75% done (gotta love that), but I'm assuming some of that last 25% is index/references because the Fair has ended : ) It's growing on me!

      I did an initial pollen swap earlier this week, but unbeknownst to Will I have named all outside house-related issues 'husband' territory. His list grows by the day!