Saturday, May 19, 2012

This and that

Frances had her first dentist appointment this week.

I completely blanked on taking my camera with us when we went, but this is a picture from that same morning.  She wanted to look her best, so she went with her current favorite outfit—the shiny purple fish tank top and matching skirt from her (Fairy) Godmother, Aunt Katherine.

Needless to say, she was the hit of the dentist’s office.  And she was good; really, really good.  I’m not sure why I am still surprised at how well my girl does with instructions and authority figures—I guess a part of me still thinks of her as the wiggly one-year-old who cried hysterically during her first haircut.


George’s current obsession?

Where’s Waldo and puzzles.  Thank goodness these are primarily solo projects because my eyes can hardly take looking at many more Waldo pictures.  Tiny, tiny drawings made for tiny, young eyes.


My husband, the comedian.

I think the middle pictures says it all, particularly with my black purse at his feet.


Frances, George and I have been spending many of these beautiful days at the botanical gardens.

The princess finally found her castle (made entirely of plant material).

The roses are spectacular now.


Frances has started dressing her stuffed animals in her dolls’ clothes.

The cat on the far right (with the two hair bows on her ears) cracks me up.

I’m not sure which is more surprising—that her little mind came up with this idea or that the clothes actually fit her 'friends' pretty well.


Our daily celebration:

Daddy’s arrival home from work.  What can I say, these kids adore their father.  Of course, who wouldn’t want Will for a dad—kind, gentle, patient and with a 90” wingspan to lift you higher than you ever thought possible into the air.

Hold on tight!

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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