Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A lot of nothing

Howdy Y’all!

Welcome to May … a day late.  We're slowly catching up 'round these parts.


I’ve been in a green and white decorating mood recently.

Nothing says crisp, cool springtime like green and white.  And since today is a whopping 90+ degrees outside, I like to pretend that it’s a 70 degree, humidity-free day when I’m inside.  And after the week that our little family has had, I may be perfecting this little art called “DENIAL.”


Frances and George “organzizing” their M&Ms by color.

Ahh, children after my own heart.


After the successful baby-clothes-washing mission, Frances and Daddy decided to try washing the babies themselves.

This entire project was conceptualized and completed all before I returned home from the gym.  Reason number 17,897 why Will is the greatest husband/father in the world.


Beautiful flowers from a dear, sweet friend that I miss so much.

Thank you!


And finally, we received the below card from the emergency vet clinic who helped Max in his final minutes.

It came at the perfect time.  I sobbed when I read it, but it was a happier cry this time.  I love the image it instills in my mind and I knew that if it helped me get through another day, it would certainly help many of you out there, too.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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