Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Austin City Limits

I know I’ve mentioned it several hundred times on this blog, but I may just have the most amazing husband ever.  While I spent the three-day President’s Day weekend in sunny Austin:

He spent the same amount of time taking care of our lovely but spirited children in the snow, sleet and rain:

Will’s weekend was filled with various “adventures” (both good and bad, as you can imagine) and I almost wish he would write his own blog post describing in detail some of the stories that had me gasping for air after laughing hysterically.  My weekend was completely uneventful in every wonderful way a girls’ weekend should be.  Although there were plenty of gasping for air laughing episodes.

Eileen, Rosie and me (the only picture we got of the three of us)

Eileen, Rosie and I met up in Austin, Texas, a city we had no connection to, but proved to be a great central meeting ground with Eileen living in Mexico, Rosie living in Pennsylvania and me in Richmond.  We could not have asked for nicer weather—blue skies, not a cloud for miles and sunny, sunny, sunny (each of us came away with a little more pink in our faces).

The yellow rose of Texas - I couldn't resist.

 We had zero plans for the weekend and spent the entire two days walking around Austin getting to know its quirky areas and beautiful surroundings. 

You can thank Austin for that little grocery store called Whole Foods.
This is their flagship location (and in-credible)

University of Texas is a short walk from downtown and was one of our many stops on our unofficial walking tour.

We window shopped in local stores, drank beer on rooftop terraces, ate surprisingly cheap food at some of the nicer restaurants around, and crashed in bed by 7pm each night.  We are, after all, not twenty anymore.

Just a small snack.
At our favorite roof-top deck, The Hangar restaurant.

 And thank goodness for that!

I returned home to find happy children, a clean house, kitchen cabinets full of groceries, and a chipper husband.  Will completely put me to shame this weekend with his boundless energy for all-things Frances and George related (they did the zoo and the roller rink in the same day.  I get tired just thinking about that).

I missed everyone back home when I was gone and now I miss my girls.  Like any good vacation, you leave it wanting more.  Thank you so much Rosie and Eileen for taking the time to visit.  Let’s do it again soon (with Sara this time, you little punk : ))!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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