Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's goodies

Frances and George have their school Valentine’s parties this week, as does every child across America I presume.

This year, I seem to have less time than last year (although I don’t remember feeling like I had a lot of time last year either??) and kept their Valentine’s pretty simple.

Hello Kitty for the girls; Lightning McQueen for the boys:

And candy hearts on the back of each one:

Not quite as personal as the magnets from last year, but probably more enjoyable for the recipients (who really just want to consume as many candy hearts as possible, right?).

And perhaps in a subconscious attempt to counterbalance the excessive candy count throughout our house these days, I planted my first herbs of the season this morning.

Basil seeds, cilantro seeds, rosemary, parsley and thyme.  They’ll stay indoors until the temperatures warm up a bit outside and then out they’ll go to (hopefully) grow to their hearts' content.

I’m calling my new herbs “Lucy’s Valentine’s goodies” in a veiled attempt to keep my potting soiled hands away from the candy bowl.

It's pretty much impossible these days.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  

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