Sunday, February 3, 2013

Catching up

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We’ve had a busy, but wonderful couple of days on our side of the screen and I’ve done a terrible job of keeping up with things.  But in my signature style of multi-tasking, here are our last few days in a nutshell:

Our law school friends, the Larsens, came to Richmond for a visit and to hit up the local children’s museum.

Ever since our last get-together, Frances has talked about another play date with Anna.  And after seeing the two of them play together, I can completely understand why.  They are so much alike—big sisters with nurturing instincts and a passion for being good.  Anna’s baby sister, Mae, is seriously adorable—a heartbreaker in the making.  George was surrounded by a lot of good women all day long.

Nothing wrong with that.  Time will tell if some of it rubbed off on him.

 So far the prospects are dim.


I took my first advanced Bikram yoga class today.

This was taken before class.  And I know that because after class I could barely cross my legs anymore, much less my fingers.

I haven’t written much about yoga since I started it in late August, but I’ve been happily going three or four days a week since.  It is the hardest exercise I’ve done since dancing, but it suits my personality completely—serious (enough), lots of sweat, lots of cardio, and you never really get the postures perfect (there is always something to work on).  I was invited to join to advanced class a week or so ago and made my first attempt today.  It was an intense 2.5 hours of realizing that I should have started yoga at least ten years ago.  And truthfully, I wasn’t hooked immediately.  I’m wondering if at 36-years-old my body is as flexible as it’s going to get.  But I’ll give it more than just one class before I retreat back to lovely Beginnerville.  Hopefully after my next advanced class, I’ll be able to do more than lie on the sofa and watch the Law & Order marathon for two hours.


George and his puzzles.

I am genuinely impressed by his abilities (and yes, I am definitely bragging here!).  This is the same three-year-old boy who can throw himself on the floor in an instant if you don’t get the Lightening McQueen figurine down from the bookshelf immediately upon asking, and yet he will spend hours doing puzzles.  I’m just glad Will has a puzzle partner because I have been doing my best to fill in as sous puzzler for the last almost 9 years and I need a break.


Frances’s latest Ariel rendition.

They just get more adorable each time.  And I’m fairly certain this is the first drawing where the seashell brassier makes an appearance.

We had an unusually warm and sunny day last week, so George and I went to our one of our favorite places, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Thrilled to be getting his picture taken.

A mere two days later, it was blustery and frigid.  We did our best to get outside (I am a sucker for sunny days), but we called it a morning after 25 minutes of shivering.


School was closed last Monday for a teacher workday, so Frances, George and I did a lot of what we used to do pre-Kindergarten:

Car wash

George is always a little wary of the big scrubbers.

Outdoor mall window shopping

Reading and puzzles (of course!)

School had also been closed the previous Monday for MLK day and the Friday before that for snow.  Momma is very ready for the normal school week we have coming up tomorrow.

And on that note, have a happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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