Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lynchburg in pictures

Somehow it is already May.  I’m not sure exactly where April went, except I do remember spending most of it wishing for warmer, sunnier weather.  So maybe that was April’s solution—to just hand over the reins to May and call it a day.

I do know F, G and I spent our last weekend of April in Lynchburg while Will attended a law firm conference.

Nasty traffic on our drive extending the normally 2 hour trip to about 3 ½ hours.  That new minivan I’m craving (with built-in DVD player) is looking better and better these days!

Post-traffic jam ice cream was in order when we finally arrived at Nana and Pop’s house.

My über talented niece is having some of her artwork displayed at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lynchburg for the entire month of May.  Along with my sister, I now see where Frances inherited her artistic abilities.  Proud auntie!

I used to play on this rusted, paint-chipped caterpillar when I was little and I remember how much I loved it, too.  Even with the fancy new equipment in the local park, it’s nice to see this little guy still has his charm.

Marshall found the best place in the house for a nap.  I don’t know if Frank would agree.

We always have at least one dinner at the Mexican restaurant when we visit and this one was no exception.

The cherry trees on my parents’ street were just incredible.  Frances and George played in the “snow” every chance they could.

Apparently, if your middle name is “West” you are required to be tall and lanky.

Marshall standing watch over Frances’s dolls.

Some morning iPad time, which is apparently more comfortable in your Buzz Lightyear undies.

Mommy also had some iPad playtime after the kids went to bed.  I sent this to Will in part (after weeks of a horrendous work schedule) so he would remember what I looked like and to show him that I missed him (in Frances-speak) double a lot.

Kiss, kiss!  And happy Wednesday, everyone!

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