Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our week

George has been battling some nasty swimmer’s ear for the past ten days.

My docile, obedient wallflower won’t take oral medicine without violently upchucking it, so we’ve had to resort to a round of three antibiotic shots.  Two out of three completed with Monday morning scheduled to be the last (I hope!) painful prick.  As hard and as long as Will works on a daily basis, doctor’s offices with the promises of shots trumps any real estate transaction in a heartbeat.


Frances’s annual doll clothes washing extravaganza:

Her namesake would be so proud!


The inchworms are back this year:

Thankfully, George has grown into quite the bug aficionado and takes great pleasure in corralling them up and throwing them over the backyard fence.  And it’s a good thing because all this picture makes me want to do is screech, “eeeewwwwwwww!!!!”


Will and I had a hot date night out—minivan test driving and an early bird special dinner.

We’re determined to make a decision on the van by the end of this month and I am so very ready.  I’ll keep everyone posted!

Frances and George stayed back and enjoyed their version of heaven:

Gram-E, Mr. Pyles and the i-Pad. 


Playground love.

Please let them always be friends.

Or at least frenimies. 

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!  And a happy, happy birthday to my nephew, Ian!


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