Friday, May 24, 2013

This and that

We have headed into a four-day weekend (school is out Friday and Monday for Frances) that promises to be low-key and low-on-Will.

My usual "Will is working HARD, people" picture

 Unfortunately, my better half is slammed at work right now and has already warned me that I may not see him in the light of day (read: never) until he emerges around June 1st.  So, the kids and I will make do without our favorite daddy-o as best we can until then.  If you are lucky enough to have your whole family around you this holiday weekend, squeeze them for me!  It’s amazing how different it is at night without the sound of Frances, George, and Will playing some game created from the inner-workings of their combined brains and yet usually involves removing all of the cushions from the den furniture.


Our yoga team at the Richmond Kickers halftime demonstration!

It was an immense amount of fun and I feel so honored to have been a part of this group.  You’ll notice a little wobble from me during the second pose (I was nervous!), but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Next time, no wobble.


I am lucky to have found Bikram yoga, especially at this ‘advanced’ age.  Most of the yogis in the group are several years younger than I am, but are light years ahead of me in experience.  I finally have goals, ideals, and even some dreams that may or may not be attainable in this sport, but that I haven’t had since my years as a dancer.  It feels great to have a passion outside the house and completely independent of the kids.  And of course I could never do this without Will’s support – thank you!


And speaking of passion, Frances is coaching George in one of hers:

Ballet.  He is quite a willing student.

I may have a bit of an addiction to fresh flowers these days:

I blame Kroger.  When they sell them for $8 at the front door, what else is a girl to do?


Frances’s teacher asked all of the students to draw a picture of their upcoming summer plans in school the other day:

This is Frances’s interpretation of what Disney World will look like.

And the small female in the upper right corner is, “Mommy relaxing by herself in the hotel pool.”  Bless you, my child.


The mosquitos are already killing us this year.

This doesn’t bode well for June, July and August.


“Mommy, I picked you a flower.”

Fresh flowers and the cutest little boy around - what more could I want?

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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