Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One down, one to go

Today was George’s last day of school.

First day

Last day

*Sniff!*  His mother is little sad today thinking about how fast this year has gone, how fast he is growing (including his hair – the kid is in desperate need of a haircut), and to be perfectly honest, a little sad that I won’t have my four hours of “me” time each week.

It’s been a great year for George and he had three fantastic teachers (who I completely forgot to get a picture with today.  D’oh!).  He clung to my leg at drop-off right up until the last day, but I know he genuinely loved being there and would talk about his day for the entire 15-minute ride home from school.

I couldn’t resist giving his teachers and the school directors these adorable ‘thank you’ cards in appreciation for their patience with and sincere love of my little monkey.

The “LOVE” sign we stumbled upon at Maymont recently and I knew it would be a perfect picture to include.  The personalized cards I ordered through Walgreens for a steal (and I am warning all of my family and friends that you may be getting homemade cards from here on out – they are so easy to make).

Frances still has another month of school, so George and I will have lots of mommy/monkey bonding time while we wait for the leader of the pack to finish up.

And then, the real fun begins.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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