Monday, June 3, 2013

A little of what we've been up to

Frances’s school had their spring carnival on Friday evening.

Yep - that would be my George!

The evening sun was blazing, but the kids had a blast.

My favorite part was the petting zoo, which came complete with baby pigs.

I am not kidding you when I say I wanted to take this little guy (or girl) home with me.  They even set out brushes so the kids could groom the bigger animals.

Does anyone else look at this alpaca and think of a Dr. Seuss character?  Or maybe a brown Marshall?  Hilarious.


One of Frances’s recent weekend naptime projects:

That is 22 faces looking right at you, my friends.  A little creepy.  But she loves them.


I finally bought a baby pool (from Kroger, no less).  Thank you, Sara, for the suggestion!

So far, it has been the best $15 I’ve ever spent.  It takes the kids at least an hour to fill this puppy up and then at least another 30 minutes of playing before they get tired of it or tired of fighting over it.  A mother’s summertime dream!


My yoga studio had a family-friendly pool party this weekend at one of the instructor’s homes:

Frances in the pool.

George and Daddy "napping."

Needless to say, Frances and George had a blast.

They even got to watch us put on another yoga demonstration.


With preschool out for the year, George has been my tagalong this past week.  But I’ve done my best to make it worth his while.

Children's museum.

Swift Creek Reservior

Contemplating the James River.


And speaking of school ending, Frances made a lunch menu for me (at my request) once her school is done for the summer.  Her current Kindergarten provides lunch and snacks (I know – I am SO lucky!) and I’ve gotten out of the habit of what she likes to eat during the day.  Seven days of lunches according to Frances:

Monday - turkey sandwich

Tuesday - hummus and carrots

Wednesday - cream cheese and raisins
(which, as it turns out, is her version of ants on a log without the celery)

Thursday - spinach wrap

Friday - chocolate sandwich (Nutella to the rest of us!)
Sunday - yogurt and crackers

Saturday - (my personal favorite misspelling) soy butter and crackers.


Finally, a little weekend sidewalk chalk art to say goodbye.

The beach and hotbogs – it doesn’t get much more summertime than that.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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