Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Say Cheese!

I’m sorry for the horrible self-portrait.  I took this about 10 minutes after leaving the oral surgeon’s office after my double implant procedure today.  Believe it or not, the assisted smile was better than the gauzy, chipmunk-cheeked expression I was forced to wear as a result of my numbness from what felt like stem to stern (but probably just from nose to chin).  No complaints on the amount of Novocain used though—as far as I’m concerned, the doctor could have injected me five more times with the stuff just for safety’s sake.  I am your quintessential, white-knuckled dentist patient and even after delivering two children, I am much more nervous at the sight of the dentist’s chair than the maternity ward at the hospital.

All that being said, the procedure could not have gone better (at least according to the surgeon) and now I just need to figure out how to live on a liquid-only diet for the next seven days.  For now though, I think I will take an easy afternoon while George is napping, lie down with Marshall and the latest episode of “The Real Housewives,” and wait for the Motrin to kick in as the Novocain wears off.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I promise to be back with some much more interesting stories soon enough.

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