Monday, June 10, 2013

Jump (for my love)

I couldn’t help a little obvious Pointer Sister reference.  My new minivan comes with a USB port, which means I can download 400 of my most favorite cheesy songs into one tiny jump drive and sing to my heart’s content while carting the kids around town—and one of those just happens to be that great 1980s hit “Jump.”  If you see an Odyssey driving around Richmond at 30 miles an hour and swaying back and forth to the sounds of ‘N Sync or the Dixie Chicks, there’s a good chance that’s me.

We had a great, relaxing, and completely uneventful weekend—my favorite kind.  Will was able to actually play with us during the day (rather than work) and my advanced yoga class was cancelled (yay and boo all in the same breath.  I know my dance/running/yoga friends can identify with that), so we had much more family time than usual.  Of course with nothing exciting to report, I can only give you some photographic evidence of one of our lazy Sunday afternoon activities at Grandma and Grandpa’s house – jump rope.

Frances picked up on it nearly immediately.  George was hesitant to try, but once he did he figured it out pretty quickly, too.  And we all know where they get their jumping talent:

Happy Monday, everyone!

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