Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer gymnastics

For the most part, our summer has been a free-for-all activity-wise.  I thought the kids needed some unscheduled time after a busy school year and this summer may be our last truly relaxing one (Frances has already talked about wanting to swim on our local team and I thought I’d give it one more year before taking her up on that offer).

But I’d heard from several people independent of each other about a great gymnastics program close to us and after learning that they had once-a-week afternoon classes for 3 and 5-year-olds at the same time and on the same day, I jumped on it.

We’ve been to two classes so far and the verdict is pretty predictable—while both kids are insanely athletic and coordinated, Frances loves it and George has zero interest in removing himself from my leg once we enter the building.  I’ve been remiss in taking pictures of the kids in action, primarily because the other mothers waiting for their children are super-nice and I selfishly use that precious 45 minutes to have a little adult time.  But I did manage to take a few shots yesterday.

Frances trying her best to ease a crying George into his class.

George's sweet coach, Robin, comforting him (still crying.  Even Frances couldn't stop that!)
They are in different classes, but were right next to each other during warm-ups.

The "after" picture.  He really did have fun.

Robin gave each student a Mickey stamp on their feet.  As if he weren't already in love with her!

The saving grace for George this week was that another 3-year-old boy (yay!) joined his group.  The first week, George was the only boy in the class and I think he felt out of place.  But once those two males found each other, they strutted their stuff around the balance beam, parallel bars, and trampoline area liked they owned the place.  Arms out, chest inflated, legs bowed—I failed to get a picture, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Fingers crossed his newfound gymnastics bud is there next week.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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