Monday, July 22, 2013

Our weekend at The Homestead

This was our first and will very likely be our last five-star weekend with the kids (at least at these ages):

So we made the most of it.

The Virginia Bar Association has their annual summer meeting at The Homestead, but we had never taken the leap to enjoy it until this year.  Years ago, my parents would take us snow skiing at The Homestead and every so often we'd make a summer day trip to stroll through the shops when we were at the river; but I had no memory of how kid-friendly it was, so I was never inclined to schlepp the family through the mountains in July so Will and I could attend meetings.  But I am SO glad we decided to try it out this year.

We swam.

This picture does not do the three (yes, three) pools justice - they were incredible, including a lazy river with tubes.

We played mini-golf.

The game was as scattered as this picture suggests.  George took it upon himself to be in charge of the flags at each hole and Frances made at least two holes-in-one.  Everyone beat me.

Frances had her nails done.

This is a picture of a little girl in complete bliss.

Will and I took advantage of the half-day kids camp for ages 3 and up (!!) and went on an adult-only morning hike.  Heaven.

We ate way too much of far too rich food--and didn't feel a bit guilty about it.

And we are all completely exhausted.  

I think one of us got a little too used to the Homestead lifestyle.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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