Tuesday, January 24, 2012

81 degrees in January

That’s right - our kitchen thermometer read 81 degrees outside today!  I have no doubt that such a phenomenon was a result of direct sunlight casting upon a flawed but well-intended 10-year-old mechanical device because it was most definitely not 81 degrees outside; but it was a beautiful, sunny January day nonetheless and the kids and I spent as much of it as we could outside.

Even the yellow pansies in our shed window box seemed happier:

Once the kids were safely in their beds for naptime, I snuck outside to take this picture and sat down on our white patio chairs to just take it all in - the sun, the fresh air, the birds singing.  One of the perks of this job is the ability to slow down midday and enjoy the moment.  I don’t do it nearly enough but I did this afternoon and it was worth every wasted minute. 
And on that note, I am signing off and heading to bed earlier than normal tonight.  I promise a more exciting post next time around – these mild winter days are fantastic for family bonding but make for some lackluster blog updates.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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