Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New year, new banner, new appreciation for my mother

Day four of my captivity.

We’ve had some successes and many failures during these first days of George’s potty training and I can safely say that this has been the most challenging aspect of stay-at-home motherhood thus far (and yes, I am well aware that you parents of teenagers are snickering at this notion that I can become so undone by wet underpants).  Please excuse my bluntness, but I never imagined that I would find myself staring so hard and for so long at one tiny appendage silently begging it to do something it has no interest in doing (only to beg it not to do that very same thing while its owner is racing around the local playground).  I have been warned not to stop the training midstream (no pun intended) and that at 2 years and 3 months George is physically ready, so onward we plod.  I’ll keep you posted, if you dare to read.

On a happier (or at least drier) note, I toyed with the idea of using a quote in my blog banner this season but decided against it in the end (maybe aesthetics; maybe fear of coming across too “preachy,” if that’s even a word).  It’s a quote that has kept me going these last few months as I am learning to appreciate my new role and this new life I have:

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  Mother Teresa

I love everything about this idea; it is a great reminder for me to enjoy each and every moment of my day because once they pass, those moments are gone.  Will and I both are forward-thinkers by nature.  We live frugally and save nearly every penny we can for our future (F&G’s college, our retirement, that much-coveted vacation house).  We both exercise and eat as well as possible, not because we necessarily enjoy it but because we hope such a lifestyle will benefit us in the future.  We teach Frances and George the joys of anticipation, recently demonstrated by our excitement over Christmas Eve (for the life of her, Frances could not understand why the heck Will and I loved Christmas Eve so much when clearly the greatest day of the year was Christmas Day when you actually got presents).  But with this eye on the future comes the downside of often failing to appreciate today.  And to Frances and George (and all children), today is the only day that matters.

And so follows my New Year’s resolution to ensure that at least once a day I take the time to appreciate and truly enjoy at least one special moment with each child—crashing cars on the kitchen floor with George, reading to Frances, playing Zingo or (the dry-heave inducing) Dora game with both of them.  I want them to lay their heads on their pillows and close their eyes each night thinking back on their days with smiles.  We have only today.

How lucky we are. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Great post, Lucy. I hate potty training. It is by far my least favorite part of parenthood. There seems like so little you can do to help. The little ones just have to choose to do it. And I felt so judged as a parent during that stage. Anyway, hope all goes well. My boys were around 2 years 7 months when we moved to underwear. John was good quickly. More wet accidents but had pooping down before underwear. Norm stayed dry more quickly but took 10 months to start pooping in the potty. Anyway, sending happy potty vibes your way. The only advice I've gotten that seems to fit all children (because they are all different) is that you have to believe they can do it in order for the child to believe they can do it. Hope that makes sense and helps. I know you both can do it! Take care.

  2. Lucy, As your single childless friend who only worries about when and where I'M going to use the bathroom, this post cracks me up. My niece is potty training right now and asked ME to venture into the bathroom with her when I was visiting. I was like, no way. Nicole! Where are you?

    Good luck - you're doing great!! :)

  3. Karen - you are not alone. I gasped the first time my nephew told me he needed help in the bathroom (pre-George, I had no idea how to help him; I'm still not sure I do).

    Haley - thank you so much! That little tidbit has been my mantra since yesterday and I'm thinking it is starting to help. Or at least has kept me from completely losing my marbles.

    You both are so nice to read and comment : )