Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm famous!

Yes, that’s right.  You can now all refer to me as “Lucy, as mentioned on ‘Sunny Side Up.’”

I know I have previously talked about Erin (the author of one of my favorite blogs).  She is married to one of Will’s best friends from law school and although they live on the other side of the country (in one of the sunniest cities – San Diego.  Let’s all take a moment to be jealous … Okay, I feel better now) Will and I have been able to keep up with their family on her blog.  And this isn’t just some trivial, rinky-dink Homiller type of blog.  She is HUGE in the blogging world – or at least what I know of the blogging world.

And she is the unofficial queen of organizing, one of my favorite hobbies.

So, when I saw her post the above picture on one of her Christmas summaries the same week I was knee deep in toy organizing/Goodwilling (is that a word?  It should be in this house), I wrote her a desperate email asking how in the world she organizes the extra ‘friends’ in her house (particularly with three, yes three, children).

And she was kind enough to respond here.

It was such a great idea I had to share, which I had meant to do much earlier than this but potty training and all its necessary casualties removed most of my mental facilities until very recently.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Oh my goodness Lucy!! I'm dying right now. You are SO SWEET!! I can't believe you did a post all about my answer to your question! Love it. I'm so glad that helped you. It really was so funny you asked me that because I had just been organizing our stuffed animals that very day. You and I are so on the same page! Great minds think alike. :) And I have to say that I have LOVED reading YOUR blog! I think you are such a fun writer. Kenny and I love checking in with you guys and seeing what you are all up to. It's so fun to keep in touch this way. I'm hardly famous, but very flattered that you enjoy my blog and that you dedicated a whole post to me!

    Thanks Lucy!! :)