Monday, January 9, 2012

This and that

Frances tried out her new bike this incredibly beautiful weekend:

George was not to be outdone:

I suppose it’s never a good thing to get spring fever in January.  We definitely got a taste of good things to come in mid-March.

Garlic cheddar drop biscuits:

Daddy is much more patient with helping hands than I am:

Nothing melts my heart faster than seeing Will cook with the kids.  They love their father and they love their food – what more could they want?

And because I know you’re all dying for a potty training update, George is doing remarkably well.  It’s hard to imagine that a week ago today I was sick to my stomach with anticipation over how this process would go.  He certainly has his ups and downs but we are all doing 1,000% better today than last Monday—Frances, George and my frayed nerves.

Happy Monday everyone!

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