Saturday, January 7, 2012

Favorite present

For weeks now I have wanted to share one of my favorite (and most fun) Christmas presents that I gave this year to Will’s side of the family; but for obvious reasons (most of the recipients read this blog) I had to wait until after Christmas to disclose my secret:

Cousin pictures!

Okay, I know I am slightly biased but are these not the cutest kids on the planet?!

One of my most trusted internet stores, Macaroy Kangaroo, had a special on monogrammed shirts in November and I jumped on it.  Kristen (the owner) is fantastic and incredibly fast – I had all four shirts in less than a week from placing my order.  Once they arrived, Becca and I scheduled a cousins play date for the next Saturday morning and the rest is history:

I captured a lot of cute moments, but the three I chose to frame for Will’s parents are below:

It felt like a small miracle that all four kiddos cooperated for their persistent mother/aunt and her camera.  But at the end of the day they all did great and I was so happy and relieved to have caught a moment (albeit it fleeting) in these little munchkins’ lives.

Happy Saturday everyone!!  That double exclamation point symbolizes the fact that not only is it Saturday, sunny, and 70 degrees outside, but that Will and I get a date night tonight courtesy of his parents.  I don’t even care what we do as long as it does not involve George and his bladder.  Double exclamation point indeed. 

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