Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bits and pieces

Frances’s dance teacher accidentally on purpose left the door open the other week during her class.

Little brother was mesmerized.  I can’t blame him though; I was, too.


My first race after my latest knee issue.

Richmond Half Marathon

Not fast, but I was thrilled to pieces to finish without so much as a knee twinge.  And the recovery since the race has been so far, so good—no swelling or pain.  But I’ve learned the hard way never to take my health for granted, so I’m thankful for every run hereafter.


We had house guests last weekend.

JD and El

As you can see, they were very popular with the kids.  And popular with us adults, too, because they might just go down in history as the “Easiest House Guests Ever.”

Will and JD have been friends since college, which may have also been the time that Will’s legs grew to the length of an average pair of snow skis.  Sheesh.


Sweet Marshall.

This is how Marshall spends 75% of his day--sound asleep nestled deep into one of the many throw pillows on our sofas.  The other 25%?  He now spends reverting back to puppy-hood by chewing up (and often eating) the children's plastic toys.  I take pictures like this to remind me how much I love him on those days I find myself locking him into the mudroom to the background music of Frances frantically crying over the loss of yet another stuffed animal's eyeball.


George and me on an average day:

Checking out the mall’s Christmas decorations

Pretending to ride the kiddie car

Getting a much overdue haircut

Enjoying as much as we can of the outdoors before it turns too cold (although I'm beginning to realize that it is never "too cold" for an active three-year-old little boy)

And, along with Marie-Grace, waiting for Frances to get home from school.

Because that’s when the fun really begins.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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