Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

Wow, what a weekend.  Has everyone recovered from the turkey-induced coma or did you all find yourself sprawled out on your couch Saturday night dozing in and out of HGTV’s Love It or List It, too?

We spent our holiday in Lynchburg this year, which meant lots of family, lots of food and lots of Bichons. 

My parents rented a plantation house in Bedford County (about 30 minutes from their house in Lynchburg) in the hopes of getting most of my rather large family under one roof.  The four Homillers still camped out at Casa Morrison, but we were able to come and go fairly easily.  The mountain views were nothing short of incredible:

(Panoramic shots from Will's fancy new iPhone)

And it probably goes without saying that all of the kids (and many of the adults) ran themselves ragged through the gardens, in the fields, and around the house.  It was an ideal set-up for everyone.

Frances and her cousin, Kasey

Johnny, Andy and Katrina

Even with that view as a background, boys will be boys

A boy and his dog

It was hunting season, so for added safety we wore orange vests. 

I know; that’s all I need is something else to worry about.  I’m fairly sure in this picture I’m saying, “Stop!  Wait!  Was that a gunshot??”

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Marshall getting on the dinner table.

On our way back to Richmond, feeling happily stuffed and a bit drowsy, we stopped at Will’s old stomping ground, Hampden-Sydney College, to let off some steam and stretch our legs.  We were lucky enough to catch the tail end of a basketball game (H-SC won!):

And Will showed the kids his dormitory from first year (I think?  See how much I was paying attention to the tour):

And now we are back home and back to routine (three cheers for Monday school!).  The Christmas decorations are down from the attic (thank you, Will!) and my favorite music of all time is playing softly in the background.  But before we get on to the next holiday, I think I’ll reminisce about the one we just had just a little longer:

Because, yes, it was that wonderful.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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