Saturday, November 3, 2012

Here and there

We’ve had a crazy busy fall this year (as I’m beginning to understand is the norm when you have school-aged children).  But in between the birthday parties, the pumpkin patch visits, and Halloween we had some time for low-key fun that I didn’t want to leave out.

The kids’ signed their own birthday cards to me this year.

George’s circular “Mommy”

And his signature:

Frances doesn’t call me Lucy, but does use the formal title when appropriate:


Nana came for a long-overdue visit:

She brought her new iPad, which the children immediately instructed her on how it is best used—Mickey Mouse videos and YouTube songs. 


I made these in anticipation of the hurricane, unsure of how useful our oven would be once the storm hit.  The good news?  These babies taste great even when you have full access to heat, water and electricity.  And they taste even better when consumed ten at a time.


Frances reading to George and Marshall:

This girl is a born leader.  If she can convince those two rowdy boys to sit still for any length of time, she can do anything.


George and I braved the windy, cold weather last week to visit an old favorite, the botanical gardens:

It was as cold as that picture looks, but we still had fun.

Among the list of donors is a “Frances” (yellow) and a “George” (light pink) aptly placed side-by-side.  We never fail to stop and find them.


Is anyone else excited for Election Day to be over?

The most familiar site on our Caller ID for the past two months.  Ugh.


The kids helped me sweep some of the hurricane debris off of the patio, which quickly turned into a leaf jumping/throwing/chasing game.

Ahhhhh, fall! 

I will never tire of seeing my baby girl in a ponytail.

Considering she had no hair the first 18 months of her life, every tail (pony or pig) is a major feat.


One of about 1,000 similar pictures I have on my iPhone:

The entire collection I have named “The kids have figured out how to use the camera function.”  I still can’t bring myself to delete any of them though; even with George’s persistently runny nose.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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