Saturday, December 22, 2012

Getting there

Did anyone else’s heart just skip a beat?  I know mine did and I look at this countdown every day in the kitchen.  Three days until the most wonderful day of the year just doesn’t seem possible, but we’re making the most of these last days of calm before the wrapping paper storm.

Thursday was Frances’s last day of school so we spent a bitter cold and windy Friday morning at Monkey Joes, George’s favorite place for celebrity spotting.

He is totally infatuated with Monkey Joe in a “keep your friends close and creepy looking purple monkeys closer” kind of way.

Friday afternoon we decorated gingerbread cookies.

The recipe yielded at least 12 cookies, but not for the Homiller clan.  We were able to squeeze 8 huge gingerbread men, one bunny and two “eggs” with the leftover scraps.

I’m certain as much (if not more) of the icing and sprinkles ended up in little tummies as on the cookies themselves; but what’s Christmas without a little cheating in your diet.

They aren’t pretty, but the kids love them.  Honestly, this might be the one area of the kitchen where I completely let go and let Frances and George do whatever they want.

Including dumping half a bottle of Easter sprinkles on his first cookie.  That’s my George.

Happy Saturday, everyone!  The elf is in my favorite spot today.   

I guess he’s trying to hang on until Tuesday as well.

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